Social-Emotional Development


Cover Dont Cry

Don’t Cry” helps children with identifying situations that may be difficult and illustrates methods of coping and conquering everyday challenges.  When infant Lily has trouble with her tower of blocks toppling over, she discovers that trying again and again can lead to success.  Mikey the toddler has trouble putting his shirt on.  When he becomes frustrated, he is empowered when he remembers and implements his mom’s advice during difficult tasks.  Helping others through tough times is also encouraged, when Alice the kindergartner accidentally let’s go of her balloon and her friend Emily empathizes and offers one of her own.


Cover LL 3

Feelings” introduces young children to basic emotions including happiness, sadness, fear, anger and excitement.  Each character is a young child that expresses a particular emotion in a common manner.

When children empathize with other children and their emotions, it creates an opportunity to develop self-awareness.  This can encourage self-expression and in turn create a strong foundation for social and emotional development.


Cover Love

Love” showcases all of the wonderful people and things that are loved by a young girl. The upbeat call and response song engages children in singing about their love for mom, dad, birds, trees, friends and much more.  Teaching young children the act of love can help create strong bonds, while planting seeds of appreciation and respect for the people and world around us.