Self Esteem

Self Esteem for Kids

I have a confession to make.  I’ve inadvertently projected my low self esteem onto my children.

Don’t worry! They’re ok!  Luckily I came to this realization when my kids were toddlers.

Thankfully, through original kids songs and fun videos, I’ve been working on building their self esteem for quite awhile with increasing success.

“Look at Me”

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“Look at Me” serves as an encouragement and reminder that we have so much to celebrate in our daily achievements.  Affirmations help with negative and self-sabotaging thoughts.  “Look at Me” affirms that we are strong, smart, brave, and kind.  It is so important to honor these qualities, teaching children that even the simplest accomplishment is worth our attention and appreciation.

“You’re My Friend”

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Building healthy relationships can lead to healthy self esteem.  Understanding the value of friendships adds to the appreciation and value of oneself.  “You’re My Friend” joins Corky the Cow and Paco the Pig as they enjoy their daily adventures together.  Their fondness and appreciation for each other guides them to a high level of exploration, creativity and bonding.

“My Daddy and Me”

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Strong familial bonds build healthy self esteem.  “My Daddy and Me” is about a father and son’s afternoon adventure at the park.  They discover animals, enjoy nature, search for treasures and play hide and seek amongst the trees.  “My Daddy and Me” serves as a reminder that even a day at the park can have the biggest impact on the developing mind and soul.

“This Little Light of Mine”

Motherhood has taught me the importance of self-confidence and my children have taught me the power of true unconditional love.  It’s because of them that I make a conscious effort to build my own self esteem.  This is the process that guides me when I’m creating kids music and videos for my kids and yours.

I hope that you will join our growing community of parents and educators as we provide supportive, encouraging and nourishing environments filled with love and acceptance.  “Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine!”