Anger Management for Kids

Teaching kids how to manage anger is such an important gift to share.  I personally have had many challenges in managing my own anger.  My journey to becoming a homeschooling parent has required that I get that in check! 

When I’m Angry,” is a great teaching resource and conversation starter for kids.  Identifying the underlying emotions that lead to anger is the first step to managing anger.  Sometimes our anger may stem from frustration, fear, worry or simply exhaustion.  When kids realize that there’s a source emotion tied to their anger, they may find comfort in exploring the circumstances behind it.  

 After watching “When I’m Angry,” with your kids or classroom, engage in the following discussion questions and activity for Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Lessons. 

Discussion Questions – Managing Anger for Kids:

1.  What are some feelings that can turn into anger? (Feeling tired, frustration, worry, fear)

2.  What are some things that make you feel frustrated? Worried? Scared? (Answers will vary)

3.  What are some ways our bodies can react to anger? (Wanting to scream, throw things)

4.  How can we help our bodies respond to anger in more positive ways? (Resting if we’re feeling tired, talking to a grown-up if we’re scared or worried)


Activity – Understanding our Anger:

1.  On the top of a sheet of paper write, “When I’m Angry”

2.  Draw a picture of a time when you’ve felt angry.

3.  Discuss your drawings and ask, why did this situation make you feel angry?  Identify the underlying emotion of your anger. 

4.  Write down the underlying emotion of your anger below the picture you’ve drawn.  


When I’m Angry” – Audio Download & Lyrics:


When I’m angry
I could be scared
I could be tired
Life’s not fair!

I want to scream
I want to hit
I want to throw everything
I want to kick

But you know
what you can do?

Take a moment
Close your eyes
Take a deep breath
Try to smile
Everything can be just fine
When you try to ease your mind

If you’re feeling tired
Have some quiet time
If you’re feeling scared
Talk it out with someone who cares
If you’re feeling frustrated
Life’s not what it seems
If you want to scream
Please don’t scream at me

Well you know what you can do
Yes you know that you can do

Better Than That
Better Than That
Better Than That
Better Than That

Janet Coco is the creator of Storytime with Annie & Rocco, a social emotional learning video series for kids.