Empowering Kids with SEL

Hello! I’m Janet Coco, creator of Storytime with Annie & Rocco and these are my two favorite boys in the whole wide world!

When these sweet, innocent, adorable boys were toddlers, naturally their high energy sometimes turned into a sort of madness.

When the madness became infectious, I’d find myself inadvertently yelling in order to be heard over the noise.  While yelling can sometimes be necessary,  it wasn’t effective and it’d leave me feeling physically and mentally drained.  

At that point, I knew something had to change.

That something had everything to do with the way that I personally handled MY emotions.

Kids are kids.  They’re curious, expressive, manic, irrational and pure in every form.  It’s our job as parents and early educators to help them find rationality, empathy and self-awareness.  It’s hard to do that without imploring the goddesses of patience, understanding and communication.


I have found these resources to be extremely eye opening and empowering.  I studied and studied and studied some more.  

I dedicated myself to meditation, daily exercise, journaling and I set a priority to do things that made ME happy.  

I  had found that the more empowered I was, the more energy I had to empower my kids.  

I also learned that in order to help my children manage their emotions and actions, I had to commit myself to mastering my own

As a musician and performer, I’ve always found my self-healing modalities in this realm.  I was inspired to use this form of communication to teach my kids the concepts I felt they needed to help with self-regulation, emotional awareness and self-esteem. 

Cue in the emotional support puppets!  

Annie & Rocco have been instrumental in helping me teach my children.  

They demonstrate patience, when mine is spread so thin and they keep things humorous when I just want to cry! 

preschool videos and songs

Annie & Rocco continually coach us on the importance of self-awareness and demonstrate techniques that help with emotional regulation.  

They help us connect with each other as a family and they teach us so much about the value of self-expression and creativity.

It is my hope that you find Storytime with Annie & Rocco a useful resource on this amazing journey that we share as parents and educators.  May we always guide them towards joy, self-love, self-acceptance, empathy and an energetic curiosity for life and learning!

Songs & Video Picture Books

Our collection of Social Emotional Learning videos and songs combine music and animated picture books to engage children in their early years and are great resources to teach kids about feelings, self-awareness and self-esteem!

Short Form Videos

Our collection of SEL Lessons are short form videos that teach concepts in simple ways to help children in the elementary years develop self-awareness, self-management & self-esteem!