Toddler Videos

Toddler Videos

Toddler videos that parents and children can enjoy together is one of our favorite things!  Here you will find videos for kids that feature animated picture books, puppetry and original 80s & 90s inspired pop music.


Let’s face it, being a parent is not easy and parenting toddlers is just plain hard.

When my kids were infants, I worried all day, everyday.  Are they eating enough, sleeping enough, pooping enough… are they healthy?  Are they breathing while they’re sleeping?  How many times in one night can I check in on them before my husband laughs at me and calls me paranoid?

Of course as they grew into toddlers, things became more intense.  There’s so many things to obsess over!  Are they walking, talking, jumping, teething, sharing, being respectful?  Are they behaving?  Are they normal?  Are they happy?  Are they able to read yet??  The toddler down the street has an affinity for Shakespeare for goodness sakes!

I’m not the type of parent that’s super strict about things, but I do value education and social emotional development.  I want my kids to be exposed to quality educational content that is both fun and engaging.

This is how Storytime with Annie & Rocco began and it has literally saved my stay-at-home days with two toddlers under the age of three.  What would I have done without thee?!

My children’s needs inspired me, as a musician and teacher, to produce educational and fun videos for us to enjoy together.

We’ve had a lot of fun producing videos as a family and it has become increasingly engaging as they grow older.  My writing and development of each video starts and ends with my kids.  Are they engaged? Do they like the music? Are they retaining information?  Is the message clear?

We love exploring early math, science and phonics. We enjoy learning about concepts like emotional development, kindness, healthy friendships and like many other parents, we love singing nursery rhymes and classic kids songs together (we just add our own little spin on them).


I hope that you enjoy sharing our toddler videos with your children and I hope you find them useful for teaching valuable concepts and spending quality time together. 

Here is a collection of some of our favorite videos.  Thank you for visiting!!

Early Math Videos for Kids Playlist:


Early Science Videos for Kids Playlist:

Animals for Kids Videos Playlist:

Here is a comprehensive list of educational videos below:

Early Math Videos for Kids:

Number Recognition with Fruit

Count to 10 with Insects

Count to 10 with Cars

Counting to 10 songs Compilation

Counting Backwards with Birds

Early Science Videos for Kids:

Spring Song for Kids

Earth Song for Kids

Planets Song for Kids

Autumn Song for Kids

Rain Song for Kids 


Animal Videos for Kids:

Insects for Kids

Arctic Animals Song

Farm Animals for Kids

Giraffes for Kids



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Janet Coco is a musician and homeschooler of two amazing boys. Creating educational content for kids with a strong focus on social emotional development, featuring original music, animated picture books and puppetry, is part of the family’s educational journey.