Anger Management for Kids

Our feelings song and picture book teaches anger management for kids.  We identify our natural reactions when we become angry. Maybe we want to scream, hit, kick or throw something. It’s normal to feel that way! It happens to Annie & Rocco too. It also happens to BTT, our intergalactic friend who is learning to fly. His frustration gets the best of him. They all want to be better. Better than their anger, better than their frustrations and fear.

They don’t want to hurt anyone, especially themselves! In this kid’s song & kid’s video, kids learn how to incorporate anger management strategies, like having quiet time, practicing belly breathing, meditating and talking to people they trust in order to deal with emotions.

It’s not easy being a kid! Storytime with Annie & Rocco takes a heavy topic and presents it to kids in a light-hearted way. Teaching kids about feelings and emotions is so important for social and emotional growth. We all get angry. It’s normal, it’s healthy. It’s a response to an underlying emotion (frustration, sadness, fear, worry, exhaustion). Let’s face it, kids are quick to feel these ways. It’s healthy.

The problem occurs when we are not able to manage the emotion. When we continuously allow our children to habitually react in harmful ways (disrespecting people, yelling, throwing things, creating toxic environments) we are enabling the development of habits that can remain into adulthood. By allowing our kids a safe haven to express their uncontrollable anger and then following it up with a discussion and helpful song & visual when things are calm, we can work together towards helping them build a healthy relationship with their emotions.

Identifying our feelings is the first step. Understanding the source of our frustration, sadness, fear and/or worry is critical. Once we are able to do that, we can create a plan for alleviating the primary emotion. In turn, we can learn to develop healthy habits that address our deepest emotions and help us manage the anger that follows.

Self-awareness is key. It’s takes time and dedication, but it’s so worth it, for our children, for our own sanity as parents, teachers and caregivers and for humanity!



When I’m angry
I could be scared
I could be tired
Life’s not fair

I want to scream
I want to hit
I want to throw everything
I want to kick

But you know
what you can do?

Take a moment
Close your eyes
Take a deep breath
Try to smile
Everything can be just fine
When you try to ease your mind

If you’re feeling tired
Have some quiet time
If you’re feeling scared
Talk it out with someone who cares
If you’re feeling frustrated
Life’s not what it seems
If you want to scream
Please don’t scream at me

Well you know what you can do
Yes you know that you can do

Better Than That
Better Than That
Better Than That
Better Than That


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