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Arctic Animals Pre-Academic Activities

Teaching young children about Arctic Animals develops an awareness and appreciation for the world and the animals that rely on its ecosystems. Our Arctic Animals video explores the survival mechanisms of the Polar Bear, Arctic Wolf, Arctic Hare and the Ribbon Seal.  Children take a trip to the top of the world and learn about the eating habits and general characteristics of these beautiful and powerful creatures.

Watch our fun Arctic Animals video and then engage your child in this pre-academic activity to improve fine motor skills:





Cotton Balls



Activity “Fur and Blubber – That Sounds Funny!”:

1) Print out the Polar Bear Activity Sheet

2) Ask your child if he/she remembers how the Polar Bear stays warm in the cold Arctic.

3) Instruct your child to color the Polar Bear’s skin tan or yellow to represent blubber.

4) Guild your child in cutting out the Polar Bear along the bold black line.

5) Guild your child in gluing the cotton balls on the Polar Bear to represent the fur.

6) Instruct your child to color the crown asking, “Who is king of the Arctic?”


Arctic Animals Activity v3


For more Arctic activities, print out our free coloring sheet, “S” for Sammy the Seal!


Coloring Sheet S