Social Emotional Videos

When my children were toddlers, we would create a lot of illustrations, write tons of songs and play with puppets all day long to help us deal with our emotional challenges.

This led to the development of one of our very first videos, “Feelings,” which features animated picture books, puppetry and pop music!

Teaching my kids to identify the body’s reaction to certain feelings would help them develop the self-awareness required for self-regulation.  This was magic to me.  It took some time and repetition, but they were well on their way sound decision making.

I’ve truly enjoyed working with my kids over the years to create videos that teach strategies for managing emotions and relationships.

Belly Breathing,” and “Anger Management” were written while my kids were entering their early elementary years.  As they grow older, their challenges become more complex.  This requires more practical strategies and approaches to problem solving.  Storytime with Annie & Rocco is growing right along side with them and we invite you to join us in our journey.

We really hope that you find our videos useful and invite you to reach out and share your personal experiences so that we may grow together!

Social Emotional Videos for Kids Playlist:


Bullying Prevention & Anger Management Playlist

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