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Feelings words 3

We are so excited to release some of our popular music for kids!  Click here to preview and purchase our first album dedicated to children developing emotional awareness and stability.  The title track asks, “How are you feeling?”  Naturally, as a parent, caregiver, teacher..  it may be dependent on your toddler’s current mood! “Feelings” introduces toddlers, preschoolers and kindergarten children to the basic emotions happiness, sadness, fear, anger and excitement.

Toddlers and young children can develop a strong sense of confidence when they are able to communicate.  Help your child identify their emotions and express them vocally.  This can help them find the joy in sharing positive emotions, while learning to deal with tough emotions, such as sadness and anger, in a positive way.

“Feelings” also features our favorite songs to help children with conflict resolution, by incorporating kindness, meditation and healthy communication and  self-esteem. We hope you enjoy our music for kids and join the community by visiting our channel and subscribing for new videos on Tuesdays 9AM EST.


Look at Me (Self-Esteem Song)

Don’t Be a Bully

Don’t Cry


When I’m Angry

Look at Me Instrumental/Karaoke (Self-Esteem Song)