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Letter Sound “S” Song – Activity Sheet

The Letter S

There’s nothing like sharing the joy and power of reading with a child.  It can be as rewarding for us parents, educators and caregivers, as it is for the child!

We love discovering new books and with each day my kids get closer and closer to recognizing all of the letter sounds in the alphabet.  In my attempt to create fun learning experiences for them, I’m super excited to be starting a series of Letter Sound videos utilizing playful and groovy songs along with simple imagery and alliteration.

We are kicking off the series with letters that make simple sounds, allowing for the ability to stretch and blend sounds.  Our first video is the “Letter ‘S’ Song”.  It features playful alliterations using “snakes,” “sailboats” and “salamanders”.

Watch the 3-minute video, combining picture books and musical hooks, with your child and then engage in the activity sheet for a complete lesson that can be done in less than 10 minutes.  Our pre-academic activity is focused on language arts, including letter identification, letter sound discrimination and developing fine motor skills associated with writing.


Activity Sheet S

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