Cover Arctic Animals v4

Teaching young children about “Arctic Animals” develops an awareness and appreciation for the world and the animals that rely on its ecosystems. Our “Arctic Animals” video explores the survival mechanisms of the Polar Bear, Arctic Wolf, Arctic Hare and the Ribbon Seal.  Children take a trip to the top of the world and learn about the eating habits and general characteristics of these beautiful and powerful creatures.


Cover Insects

Insects” introduces children to the wonderful world of arthropods.  Children learn the basic functions and diet of insects including the ladybug, dragonfly, grasshopper, firefly and ant.

Insect appreciation helps to create environmental awareness.  This can lead to the  understanding of ecosystems and ultimately the innate desire to preserve the natural world.


Cover Farm

On The Farm” introduces children to farm animals and their exciting sounds. Children can learn and repeat the sounds made by cows, roosters, horses, pigs and sheep.

Engaging young children in animal sounds creates a strong foundation for language.  Animal sounds incorporate the primary syllable shapes in speech development (CV = consonant-vowel).

It’s a happy day on the farm and certainly a fun day of learning when we make animal sounds together with our children!