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We are so excited that our Insects Video has hit 1,000 views!Β  As a thank you to all of our awesome viewers, please enjoy a free audio download of the Insects Song.

To download the audio track:

  1. Click on Insects Song
  2. Right click on the page and select “Save As”
  3. Select your destination preference (Desktop, Folder, etc)
  4. Select and “Save”

Play it loud and dance around!

Insect appreciation helps to create environmental awareness which can lead to the understanding of ecosystems and ultimately the innate desire to preserve the natural world.

Sing it with the kids!
Insects, Insects
Insects, all around!
Up in the sky, down on the ground
Some like to fly, some crawl over town

Lori is a ladybug, red and black
She eats aphids for a snack
She can crawl and she can fly
Lori the ladybug says good-bye

Drago the dragonfly is bright blue
He eats flies and mosquitoes too
He moves fast so he can feed
Watch him go at top speed!

Gary is a grasshopper, green and brown
Eating grass all over town
He can hop very far and fast
Where is Gary?
Hiding in the grass!

Ferris is a firefly, black and yellow
Her tail lights up, see how it glows
Resting with her friends in the shrubs down low
Ferris and her friends say β€œHello!”

Allison the ant is black and brown
She eats anything around
Searching for food for her colony
Allison the ant is strong as can be!


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