Emotional Development

Emotional Development

Emotional development is a high priority in our production of videos for kids.  As a mother of two young boys, I’ve learned the importance of self awareness and self regulation in early childhood.

Toddlers possess the very special gift of self expression… wherever and whenever!  It’s a beautiful thing!  The problem arises when we, as parents and caregivers, aren’t able to help them manage those big feelings.  Sometimes the continual whining and screaming can trigger our own stress hormones and we are led to respond with some big feelings of our own.  It happens to the best of us.

I made it my mission to teach my kids how to identify their emotions.  My ultimate passion is music, so naturally I found the best way to share this message through song.  This developed into a super cute and catchy tune “Feelings.”

My kids are very visual learners, so I created an animated picture book to go along with the song to drive the message home.  “Feelings” helps to identify five basic feelings (happiness, sadness, anger, excitement and fear) and their corresponding physical reactions.

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Awareness is the first step.  Regulation comes next.

Crying is a big emotion around our house.  I’m a total cryer.  I love a good movie that leads to tears. It’s cathartic.  It brings me relief.  When I wrote “Don’t Cry,”  it was not with the intention to stifle expression.

By all means, cry!  It’s good for the soul.

I wrote “Don’t Cry” because I wanted my kids to know that their feelings of sadness, frustration and fear are important.  I wanted to teach them ways to address these feelings.  Strategies like deep breathing and acknowledging one self can lead to resilience and courage.

My older son would become so frustrated with himself when he had trouble putting his shirt on.  The illustrations in this animated picture book are a direct response to the problems we encountered at home as my own way of coping.  I wanted my kids to know that they are not alone in their struggles and they are capable of getting through them in their own time!

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Self awareness & regulation doesn’t happen over night, but with a lot of encouragement and constant reminders, it does happen eventually.

I wrote “Look at Me” to serve as encouragement and reminders that we have much to celebrate with our daily achievements.  I’m strong, I’m smart, I’m brave, I’m kind.  “Look at Me” honors these qualities and teaches children that even the simplest accomplishment is worth our attention.

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I’ve found a lot of success with these simple, catchy songs and visuals and I hope that you will find them useful on your emotional development journey.  I’ve included a playlist below and a list to many more resources.  Thank you for visiting!!

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