Early Math & Science Videos

Please enjoy our playlist of early math & science videos, featuring animated board books, puppetry and pop music!


Early Math Videos for Kids Playlist:


Early Science Videos for Kids Playlist:


Animals for Kids Videos Playlist:

Annie & Rocco are truly great teachers.  This puppet sister and brother duo love learning as much as they love each other.  They are such a great team.  Annie writes all of the music in each video and Rocco illustrates all of the picture books.  Together they create a light-hearted, inspiring and fun atmosphere that is perfect for growing minds.


Here is a comprehensive list of educational videos below.

Early Math Videos for Kids:

Number Recognition with Fruit

Count to 10 with Insects

Count to 10 with Cars

Counting to 10 songs Compilation

Counting Backwards with Birds


Early Science Videos for Kids:

Spring Song for Kids

Earth Song for Kids

Planets Song for Kids

Autumn Song for Kids

Rain Song for Kids 


Animal Videos for Kids:

Insects for Kids

Arctic Animals Song

Farm Animals for Kids

Giraffes for Kids