Early Math

Cover Counting Cars v3

Counting Cars” engages children in early math, providing them with the opportunity to count up to ten.  The colorful cars race along the road to an upbeat tune, while making pit stops along the way so that children can count the number of cars on each page.

Children associate the quantity of objects with an assigned numerical value and perform a cognitive activity, which helps with building a strong foundation in mathematics.


Cover Counting Fruit

Counting Fruit” exposes children to delicious, healthy food while learning to count to ten in this  fantasy of fruit!  The mid-tempo song in this video allows children with the time to repeat each phrase (ie. “one apple”) before the next phrase begins, so they can learn to identify numbers and food.


Cover Five Little Birds

Five Little Birds” takes children on a journey counting backwards as each colorful bird flies high into the sky.  This rhyming chant can help develop number sense, a vital skill that establishes a strong foundation for the understanding of basic math concepts such as subtraction and addition.