Kids Music

Hello! I’m Janet Coco and together with my two favorite boys in the whole wide world, we produce preschool videos and songs.

When these sweet, innocent, adorable boys were toddlers, naturally their high energy sometimes turned to madness.  When the madness became infectious, I knew something had to change.  That something had everything to do with the way that I personally handled my emotions.

I discovered our collective need for emotional regulation and focused all of my efforts on making our days less chaotic, more fun and uplifting.

I learned that in order to help my children manage their emotions, I had to commit myself to mastering my own.

I took my kids on a journey of self-awareness and they in turn taught me about self-acceptance.

We would read picture books, meditate (I might have enjoyed this more than them), write songs, design puppets and perform puppet shows, which eventually led to the development of  Storytime with Annie & Rocco!

annierocco old v2

Annie & Rocco are truly amazing teachers. They’ve taught us self-awareness and helped us incorporate techniques that help with emotional regulation.  They’ve helped us connect with each other.  They’ve taught us so much about self-expression.

They are such STARS, our amazing brother and sister duo.

Annie and Rocco were born on a bright, sunny day and they have been warming our hearts with their curiosity, quirkiness and kindness.

Rocco was able to find his identity almost immediately, while Annie on the other hand, went through many transformations before she discovered her signature style.


This dynamic duo is the heart and soul of our show.

Their love for learning is inspiring.


Their love for one another is irresistible.

We hope that you find them as lovable as we do and add our preschool videos to your daily dose of preschool entertainment and education!