Music for kids and so much more!  Join Storytime with Annie & Rocco and watch catchy fun songs for kids turn into animated picture books.

Annie & Rocco teach kids phonics, early math, science, conservation and animal appreciation.  We especially value the opportunity to help children with social-emotional development.  We create content that explores feelings and emotions, while championing important concepts such as, kindness, self-regulation, self-esteem and anti-bullying.

We are excited to announce the release of our first album “Feelings” featuring some of our popular songs including, “Look at Me (Self-Esteem Song), “Don’t Be a Bully,” “Don’t Cry,” “Feelings,” and “When I Am Angry (Better Than That)”  The album also includes by request, an instrumental version of “Look at Me (Self Esteem Song),” for teachers, caregivers and parents to utilize for educational purposes. Our tunes are ideal for SEL and Second Step Public School Curriculum.

Become part of our journey!  Our videos for kids are made for toddlers, preschoolers and kindergarten children navigating through the waters of kindergarten prep.  We hope you enjoy our educational videos, music for kids and early learning resources.  We seek to nurture children’s love for books and musical hooks, while building self-esteem and a genuine love for nature, animals and people.

Our music videos are ideal for kids ages 3-7.  Subscribe to our channel and visit us on Tuesdays at 9AM EST for new videos!