Social Emotional Videos for Kids

Welcome to Storytime with Annie & Rocco!  We create social emotional videos for kids featuring animated picture books, puppetry and pop tunes.

As a music teacher and homeschooling mother of two young boys, I have first hand experience with temper tantrums, outbursts of defiance, struggles with self-esteem and questionable decision making!

My source of relief?

Working WITH my children to find creative solutions.  Emotional regulation is the key.   (For all of us!)

So we engage in morning mindfulness sessions to build awareness.  We read a lot of books to find understanding.  We draw pictures to express our feelings.  We write songs to serve as light-hearted reminders.  We write stories to build self-acceptance.  We use puppetry to teach us how to connect with one other.

At one point my husband noticed we had so much content, he suggested that I compile our collection and create videos to share with our family and friends that were experiencing similar challenges.  This led to the development of some of our favorite videos, “Feelings,” “When I’m Angry,” “Look At Me (Self-Esteem Song),” “Don’t Be A Bully,” and “Don’t Cry“.

I can safely say that my kids have shown me the importance of social emotional education.  It wasn’t something that was taught in schools when I was growing up.  I’m excited that children these days have so many opportunities that we didn’t have when we were children. 

I strive to help my kids build the knowledge and skills to manage their emotions.  I want them to experience empathy, make responsible choices and develop self-esteem.  I truly believe that social emotional education is critical to the success and the well-being of our society.  

It’s never too early to teach kids about the five social and emotional competencies:  self-awareness, self-management, self-regulation, social awareness, relationship building and decision making.  

It is my desire that together we grow our children’s love for learning.  I want to nurture their love for books and musical hooks.  I want to build their self-esteem.  I want to celebrate self-acceptance and social awareness.  I want my children’s innate love and appreciation for nature and humanity to remain strong into their adulthood.  I want this for all of our kids and I honor the opportunity to share this journey with you!

xo Janet Coco