Social Emotional Learning

As a mother of two young boys, our days are sometimes filled with temper tantrums, outbursts of defiance, struggles with self-esteem and questionable decision making.  (Myself included, ahem)

My source of relief? Channeling that energy into identifying the source of the emotional breakdown and managing our big feelings by way of communication and expression. 

Teaching my kids how to identify the root causes of our anxieties and frustrations has helped me tremendously in working on my own negative behavior patterns.

Storytime with Annie & Rocco is my way of finding that creative expression to communicate with my kids.  It’s part of my learning and teaching process.  The content is drawn from personal experience and some video lessons are co-written by my kids.

I hope you find our videos useful on your own parenting and teaching journey! 

Check out our free music videos and read-alouds on YouTube and short story lessons on Bansho.  

Happy Teaching! 
Janet Coco

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